Mi-Witness HD Iphone App

Mi-Witness HD - Viewer IOS, Apple Iphone app


 Mi-Witness MI-Viewer Iphone App:

MI-Viewer Apple Iphone App Features:

  • View real time video front & rear camera
  • View recorded video - Parking / Event / Recording
  • View & edit camera settings:
  • Adjust audio record
  • Adjust audio guide
  • Acceleration sensitivity
  • Save video to your phone
  • Video file save location
  • Set unit password
  • Reset unit Password
  • Motion sensivity
  • Audio volume
  • Parking record
  • Adjust 'Smart Power' settings

“The mi-viewer Iphone App is designed for viewing all your recorded data.  This will work with all the very latest Iphones”

MI-Viewer Iphone App:

MI Viewer App is a simple tool that allows you to view & play back all the video files contained on the Mi Witness device via a smartphone. This means that you can view all the files in your car, without having to take the sd card out and plugging it into to your Mac.

MI-Viewer Apple Iphone App Screen Shots:

Mi-Witness HD - Viewer IOS, Apple Iphone app


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