Mi-Witness HD Iphone App

Mi-Witness HD - Viewer IOS, Apple Iphone app


 Mi-Witness MI-Viewer Iphone App:

MI-Viewer Apple Iphone App Features:

  • View real time video front & rear camera
  • View recorded video - Parking / Event / Recording
  • View & edit camera settings:
  • Adjust audio record
  • Adjust audio guide
  • Acceleration sensitivity
  • Save video to your phone
  • Video file save location
  • Set unit password
  • Reset unit Password
  • Motion sensivity
  • Audio volume
  • Parking record
  • Adjust 'Smart Power' settings

“The mi-viewer Iphone App is designed for viewing all your recorded data.  This will work with all the very latest Iphones”

MI-Viewer Iphone App:

MI Viewer App is a simple tool that allows you to view & play back all the video files contained on the Mi Witness device via a smartphone. This means that you can view all the files in your car, without having to take the sd card out and plugging it into to your Mac. (currently only compatable wit IOS 9,)

MI-Viewer Apple Iphone App Screen Shots:

Mi-Witness HD - Viewer IOS, Apple Iphone app


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