History of Mi-Witness - 2012 - 2016

History of Mi-Witness hD Accident Camera systems


The Birth of Mi-Witness - Sept 2012

TTW have always been well known for innovation and the supply of quality products. In early 2012 Renault GB asked TTW for an in-car camera system and so the decision was made to design our own camera and engineer out issues we had experienced with other cameras we had previously sold since late 2010. We also knew we could develop a better more robust product with features customers were asking for. 


On existing camera products on the market overheating was a big issue to over come with the all new camera design, even though in the UK we don't get many heat-waves, our cars still get very hot inside on a sunny day. This problem is still an issue with current in-car cameras on the market but 'not' the Mi-Witness HD, as it plays havoc with the processor and the lens system and can result in permanent un-repairable damage. We also decided to look at other areas such as the way the image is processed and also camera size as customers wanted a small descreet unit not large and obvious.

A specification was written up, including such requests as a small camera body, inbuilt GPS, HD video recording and a robust design that would withstand high temperatures. An inbuilt battery was also requested so it could be used to take stills and portable video at an event. The 2nd camera option was also selected as customers had been looking for a way to caputure the incident at the rear as well as the front.

The first stage was to make the prototype circuit boards and test the camera and its functions. We changed the circuit board several times and ended up with a final design that proved the most efficient and compact and once we had a layout we could design the camera housing using a CAD system and 3D printer.

Now that we had our first 3D print of the camera housing we needed to look at the ventilation on the camera as it was important to get the heat away from both the lens and the processor. Some clever design was employed to reduce heat transfer between components and heat build up inside the housing. We employed tactics such as laminar flow across certain components and careful positioning of critical components, this has given TTW a camera that will cope with 90 degrees heat compared to the 40 - 60 degrees most other cameras seem to start experiencing problems at 40 deg. We changed the circuit board several times until we had the efficiency we wanted.


Mi-Witness CAD ImagesMi-Witness with added ventilation to stop over heating


At this time we still had not come up with a name for the product, but on the way back from a meeting while stuck in traffic for 2 hours on the M1 the name “Mi-Witness” was born.  We had various logo options, but the logo below was the final design. 

mi-witness logo


Now we had a Name & logo we needed to also work on the box design. We wanted to be eco friendly as possible with the packaging but it also need to look clean & fresh, so a simple white box was designed to house the camera and all its accessories.

Mi-witness original box 

The pre-production models of the cameras had been built and were now under test, they were tested . During this process we made some extra changes and also worked on the software for all the platforms we needed. Apple software, especially the app side was the most demanding and caused the greatest delay.

renault & Mi-witness cameras 

After launch in jan 2013 the Mi-Witness quickly took its place in the market, becoming the first in-car camera to be approved by a motor manufacturer - Renault UK, who offer it to their customers through out their dealer network. This was a big vote of confidence for TTW and a major step forward in the use and supply of in-car cameras.


Mi-Witness sundaytimes winner for best Dash Camera


Shortly after and completely out of the blue TTW received an award from the 'Sunday Times' saying that the Mi-Witness had won an award. It won Best Buy, 5 stars and we were well chuffed!


VEP AWARDS - Product of the year & Best Distributor

Mi-Witness VEP 2013 Winner Product of the YearMi-witness VEP 2013 Commended Best Distributor


Towards the end of the 2013 we were invited to the VEP Awards and were handed 1st place for Product of the Year for the Mi-Witness and Commended for Distributor of the Year.

TTW continues to go from strength to strength and build its position in the market as a market leader offering a high end camera and excellent customer service.

Oct 2015 - Mi-Witness HD - V2


After the great success of the 1st Mi-Witness accident camera it was time to take a look back and see what we could do improve in the 2nd generation camera. We wanted to maintain the reliability and the robust design whilst adding to and improving the features.

Some of the new features we added were:

1) Intergrated WIFI with a continuous connection.
2) Internal Smart Power battery protection which adjusted through the camera software.
3) Rear HD 720P Camera and with the ability to upgrade to waterproof or night vision cameras.
4) External GPS which allows you to move the GPS antenna if you have problematic windscreens.
5) Heat protection feature which shuts the camera down if the camera if it gets too hot in parking mode to protect the camera from damage.
6) CPL lens filter option which removes internal dashboard reflections from the windscreen that can effect your video image quality.
7) New upgraded CMOS sensors and lenses.

New Mi-witness HD CAD ImagesNew Mi-witness HD


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